Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Storm Flat Warts are back!!!

I received an e-mail from Bass Pro Shops today. After opening it, I ran across the room and slid on my knees with my hands in the air looking at the heavens like I just scored a goal in World Cup.

It took ten years or so, but the shiny-shoe geniuses in the front office at Storm Lures finally reintroduced the Flat Wart. This was the flat sided version of the Wiggle Wart. Why am I so excited? Well, this bait was without a doubt the best crankbait ever for Lake Michigan Trout and Salmon. Hands down!!!

I don't know what made this so special, but it was. When all else failed, an RFW (Full name was the Rattlin' Flat Wart) would come through for us. All species, all season long, they came through. It had a dull rattle (one large bead), ran a perfect depth, worked well fast or slow, and it had the ability to "hunt". Hunt, meaning it would randomly take one or two wiggles right or left and then return straight. I really believe this triggered strikes. My father even caught his one-time World Record 8# line class Brown on an all yellow RFW

When Rapala bought out Storm they dropped the Flat Wart like a bad habit. I have survived on my stash and some that I would find on eBay from time to time. I repaired them, repainted then, re-hooked them, whatever it took to keep them in the line-up.

Here is the link to BPS and the Flat warts.

I'll try to get one and make sure it works like the old ones. If so, hoard them because it will only be a matter of time that some 23 year old marketing whiz that has never fish a day in his/her life decides that they aren't selling well enough and moth-balls the bait for another decade.

Tight lines and smooth drags,



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